The very mention of the word “uppumaanga” makes me mouthwatering. It’s so tantalizingly delicious that it takes everyone to a different world. “Uppumaanga” is a malayalam word for raw mangoes which is a way of preserving raw mangoes with rock salt. It last for a very long time and come out from my mother in laws kitchen as various recipes. One of the very common is uppumaanga kaduku varuthathu. It’s simple yet delicious, and goes well with kanji, at times it is a savior 🙂 


Uppumanga Recipe


  • 20 – 25 Whole mangoes (Naattu Manga/Kanni Manga)
  • 1 cup Rock salt/Sea Salt/Kalluppu
  • Water As Required
  • ½ cup Bird’s Eye Chilli/Kanthari Mulaku
  • ½ tsp Mustard
  • 2 Dry red Chillies
  • 4 Small Onion/Perl Onion
  • Few Curry Leaves


  1. Wash the mangoes and pat dry.
  2. Better to use only fresh mangoes for uppumanga. Separate any bad the mango.
  3. Wash the birsd’s eye chillies and pat dry. Trim off the stem.
  4. Boil enough water in a vessel. Allow it to cool down.
  5. Clean and dry a ceramic/glass jar
  6. Layer mangoes and bird’s eye chillies in the jar.
  7. Add 1 cup kalluppu/Rock salt in to the jar.
  8. Pour the cooled water over the mangoes.
  9. The water level should be just above the level of mangoes.
  10. Do not refrigerate now.
  11. Depending on where you live, the mangoes take their time to soak up.
  12. Adding few leaves of jackfruit tree will prevent the mangoes from fungus.
  13. Cover the jar with an air tight lid.
  14. Keep the jar in a cool, dark, dry place for at least 2 months before using them
  15. When the mangoes are well brine and ready to use.
  16. Take out enough for one use.
  17. Heat oil in a pan, add mustards, wait till it splatter completely.
  18. Add crushed onion, curry leaves and dry red chillies, fry.
  19. Pour it over the mangoes slightly crushed.
  20. Have it with boiled rice and enjoy.

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