Pink Bow Cake


This beautiful pink cake was created for a little girl who turned 8 with ribons, polka dots and complete with a big pink bow.

Size – 8 inches and 4 inch cake

Flavors – Vanilla or Chocolate / Vanilla and Chocolate

Choose your fillings (Options given below)

Vanilla Cake Fillings

  • Fresh Fruit Filling (Peach/Strawberry/Mango)
  • Strawberry jam filling/strawberry cream cheese filing
  • Blueberry jam filing/Blueberry cream cheese filling

Chocolate Cake Fillings

  • Oreo
  • Nutella
  • Chocolate
  • Fresh Fruit Filling (Peach/Strawberry/Mango)
  • Strawberry cream cheese filing
  • Blueberry cream cheese filling

Note: – Order should be placed 3 days earlier.

For more cakes refer to my face book page:-

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